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Hi everyone and welcome. My name is Emily and I'm a small start-up in North East England, focused on bringing you the most unique, luxurious and affordable home fragrance.

I used to buy a lot of candles from America for my home before I started Witchy Woman Wax, as I loved their scents, but as I learned more of these companies I found out I did not love their ethos.

I use soy wax and vegan friendly items in all of my items, including packaging. 

Each of our scents is poured and labelled by hand by myself and a percentage of profits go towards three spectacular charities; Guide Dogs for the Blind, Newcastle Cat and Dog Shelter and Bloody Good Period, a charity who donate feminine hygiene products for asylum seekers, refugees and those in need.

My goal is to make your home into a sanctuary and for you to enjoy these scents as much as I love making them.

There is something amazing and magical about fragrances. A single scent has the ability to create an ambiance, trigger childhood memories, calm frazzled nerves and much, much more. Spa-type scents illicit feelings of relaxation and zen, while the nurturing aromas make us feel warm, cosy and safe. My scents have the power to whisk you away to a sandy beach, or take you to a cosy campfire.

I hope you enjoy what we do here and have fun browsing our extensive range.

Love Emily x

monthly donations

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By supporting what we do here at Witchy Woman Wax, you're supporting three amazing charities.

Newcastle dog and cat shelter

We donate a monthly fee to this cat and dog shelter in Newcastle. It's where I got my staffie, Lola from, so it made sense for this to be a charity we donate to here!

Bloody good period.

An incredible charity who donate feminine hygiene products for asylum seekers, refugees and those in need.
Since March 2020, when the UK first entered lockdown, they have distributed over 100,000 packs of period products – meaning that people have had one less thing to worry about.

Guide dogs for the blind

A wonderful charity who provide mobility for the blind and partially sighted. Supporting research, raising awareness and campaigning for the visually impaired.